Patient Info

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I contact Dr Doneley’s office?

A: The office contact details are as follows:

Phone: 07 3354 6064
Fax: 07 3319 6024
Postal Address: Dr Tyson Doneley
PO Box 79, Everton Park 4053

Location: Suite 4a, Administration Building, Greenslopes Private Hospital

Q: Where are Dr Doneley’s rooms?


Dr Doneley Consults at Greenslopes Private Hospital.


Suite 4a, Administration Building, Greenslopes Private Hospital.

The Administration Building is easily accessed directly via Gate 12 from Newdegate Street. Enter and continue past the Emergency Centre and the Administration Building is on the left with taxi stand kerbside. The main entrance of the Admin Building has automatic doors and opens into a foyer. Dr Doneley’s rooms are on the ground floor, immediately along the corridor next to the lifts (heading toward Newdegate Street).

The rooms can easily be reached from the main entrance of Greenslopes Private Hospital by heading down the corridor located adjacent to the Help Desk that sits outside Hudson’s Coffee. The library is passed on the left and at the end of the corridor, lifts or stairs can be taken down 2 levels to reach the ground floor foyer of the Administration Building. Dr Doneley’s rooms are located only a short distance down the corridor next to the lifts.

Q: Is Car parking available?


There is plentiful off street parking available at both Greenslopes Private Hospital (paid parking) and at Access Specialist Clinic Belmont. Maximum parking fee at Greenslopes Private Hospital is $12.00 for full day parking.

Q: Where does Dr Doneley operate?

A: Dr Doneley operates at Greenslopes Private Hospital and at the Mater Private Hospital, South Brisbane. When surgery is being scheduled, you will be able to nominate your preferred location.

Q: How are Dr Doneley’s fees structured?

A: Dr Doneley’s fees are broadly structured around the fees recommended by the Australian Medical Association. The AMA publishes an annually updated schedule of suggested fees that provides this basic framework.

Dr Doneley has a set standard fee for initial consultations and a lower fee for follow-up consultations. Fee details for consultations are available by phoning the office on 07 3354 6064.

Fees for surgery differ considerably based on the procedure being performed. A fee estimate and a listing of likely “item numbers” is provided prior to surgery. “Item numbers” are codes which correspond to individual surgical procedures and are required when discussing your operation with your health insurer. It is important to note that the fee charged may be lower or higher than the quoted estimate because the actual operation performed may differ slightly from that quoted. It is not possible for office staff to quote for surgical procedures prior to consultation with Dr Doneley.

In addition to Dr Doneley’s fee, a Surgical Assistant fee may also apply. This fee may be combined with Dr Doneley’s fees or invoiced separately.

An anaesthetic fee will also apply. It is charged directly by your anaesthetist. Dr Doneley utilises the services of multiple anaesthetic groups and you will be provided with their details prior to your surgery.