Arthroscopic Surgery

Certain conditions of the knee (cartilage or meniscal tears, ligament injuries, loose bodies) are amenable to keyhole or arthroscopic surgery. Symptoms of such injuries can include catching, clicking, locking, swelling or pain at the inner or outer aspect of the knee joint.

Meniscal tear surgery and many other types of operations on your lower limbs can often be performed using arthroscopy. This procedure involves inserting a telescope (about the size of a pencil) as well as specialised instruments into the interior of the knee through two small incisions at the front of the knee. The joint can be examined, loose bodies removed and injuries addressed.

Arthroscopy is an innovative and nowadays common procedure in Brisbane and is often used for meniscal tear surgeries and to treat various other conditions. Surgery is usually performed as a day case. In most instances walking can be resumed immediately.

Dr Doneley is a specialised knee surgeon in Brisbane performing meniscal tear surgery, and various other procedures using arthroscopy. He always aims to achieve a thorough understanding of what is occurring inside the knee prior to considering any form of surgery. This usually requires a complete interview, examination and specialised scans. If the underlying condition is amenable to keyhole surgery, then arthroscopy can be very successful in addressing many painful conditions and restoring stability, motion and function.

If you wish to discuss meniscal tear surgery or other procedures with Dr Tyson Doneley, make an appointment request online, or call 07 3354 6064 to make an appointment. Dr Doneley offers short notice appointment slots should you require urgent care.

Knee Arthroscopy