Looking for a qualified knee arthritis surgeon in Brisbane?

Dr Tyson Doneley is a highly trained knee arthritis surgeon. He treats both acute as well as chronic conditions, including ligament injuries, meniscal injuries, cartilage injuries and arthritic conditions. In 2011, he was the lower limb arthroplasty and reconstruction fellow at the Gold Coast Centre for Bone and Joint Surgery, where he undertook dedicated fellowship training in total knee replacement surgery (including complex primary and revision surgery) as well as reconstructive and arthroscopic surgery. Dr Doneley regularly performs knee and sports surgery on Brisbane patients and is always committed to undergo further training and stay up-to-date on the latest procedures and treatment methods.

The knee joint is a complex structure involving the articulating surfaces of the three bones that meet at the knee (the femur, the tibia and the patella) as well as multiple ligaments, tendons and soft tissue structures that provide stability, support and motion to the joint.

Injury to the ligaments, tendons or bones at the joint can occur either chronically or acutely – arthritis, meniscus tears and ACL rupture being prime examples. As well as being painful, these injuries or conditions can cause stiffness, deformity or instability of the joint. If left untreated, many acute conditions can progress and eventually lead to full-fledged arthritis.

Many painful or disabling conditions of the knee are amenable to surgical correction and can provide excellent return of function and greatly increase quality of life.

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