Total Hip Replacement / Hip Arthritis

Hip arthritis is a painful and disabling condition that can decrease mobility and upset quality of life.

Hip arthritis can occur for a variety of reasons. The common end stage is that the normal ball and socket joint that makes up the hip joint becomes rough, irregular and stiff.

In this situation, motion of the hip joint becomes reduced and painful – typical symptoms include groin, buttock and thigh pain, trouble with walking longer distances, difficulty ascending/descending stairs, inability to reach to the toes or foot on the affected side (trouble cutting toenails or putting on shoes and socks). Walking can become abnormal and asymmetrical.

Dr Doneley has a particular focus on treating arthritis of the hip. He has undertaken overseas fellowship training devoted exclusively to treating hip conditions. The Princess Elizabeth Orthopaedic Centre (Exeter, U.K.), where he was the Hip Fellow in 2012, is a pioneering centre of hip replacement development and remains a world-renowned centre for this surgery.

Dr Doneley will assess your particular situation and condition at consultation through interview, examination and X-Rays of the hip and pelvis. If appropriate, Hip surgery may be advised or offered. When performed correctly and done for the right reasons, Total Hip Replacement Surgery can have a dramatic and lasting impact on quality of life and mobility. Dr Doneley is always very pleased to care for people suffering from hip arthritis and gains great satisfaction from seeing return of function following total hip replacement.

Hip Replacement