Hip impingement, labral tears, hip arthroscopy

Hip arthroscopy, impingement and labral tears surgeries in Brisbane

Hip specialists have gained greater understanding of the hip joint and its motion, thanks to recent advances in medical research. That has led to the recognition of various forms of joint impingement (Femoro-acetabular impingement, or FAI).

FAI occurs when the neck of the femur collides against the rim of the acetabulum (the socket of the hip joint) when the hip or leg moves into certain positions (typically deep flexion, as in squatting or kicking the leg high in the air). With repeated instances, the joint cartilage or labrum (the lip of soft tissue that surrounds rim of the acetabulum) can also be injured.

Symptoms of FAI or a labral cartilage injury can include groin pain, clicking or catching and giving way of the joint.

Hip Arthroscopy surgery is the keyhole surgery of the hip. It can be of benefit to people with impingement or labral tear conditions. The interior of the joint is inspected, loose bodies removed and cartilage or labral tears treated. Additionally, bony abnormalities around the joint that cause the impingement can also be treated.

Dr Doneley is a hip surgeon in Brisbane, who gained his experience in hip arthroscopy surgery during his time as a fellow, whilst working in the hip unit at the Princess Elizabeth Orthopaedic Centre located in Exeter, U.K. and keenly pursues this evolving field of specialised surgery.

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