The hip joint is a ball and socket joint where the femoral head (top of the thigh bone) sits within a corresponding socket (the acetabulum) that is part of the pelvis.

As well as conditions that affect the actual ball and socket part of the hip joint, there are a number of other structures around the hip joint that can be injured. These can cause pain, difficulty with walking or discomfort/limitations in performing athletic activities or everyday tasks such as squatting.

Many of these conditions cause a similar pattern of pain symptoms. People often describe pain in the buttock, the groin or over the outer aspect (the “point”) of the hip. Differentiating these varied conditions is key to providing appropriate advice and treatment.

Dr Doneley has undertaken specialty fellowship training devoted exclusively to surgery of the hip. In 2012 he was the Hip Fellow at the prestigious “Exeter Hip Unit” at the Princess Elizabeth Orthopaedic Centre located in Devon, U.K.

This world renowned hip surgery centre is at the forefront of hip replacement and hip preservation surgery and Dr Doneley has brought many of the skills learnt there to his orthopaedic practice in Australia. Dr Doneley is a true hip specialist.

He treats a variety of hip and hip-related conditions including arthritis of the hip as well as hip fractures, muscular tears around the hip, bursitis conditions and sports related hip injuries.

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